Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Teaser: “No Acting..Only Reality!”

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So Star Maa on Twitter on July 10th released a teaser which made people super excited about the upcoming new season of bigg boss telugu which is going to be the season 3. The premiere date is already out.

This show is going to be premiered on July 21st on Star Maa and other streaming platforms like Hotstar.

To watch bigg boss telugu live, click here.

Yesterday we published an article on all the details that you need to know about bigg boss telugu. Here we covered all the information about all the season of bigg boss telugu like bigg boss season 1, bigg boss season 2 and 3 as well.

If you want to know details about bigg boss telugu then we suggest you read the article linked above.

Coming back to the topic, we were discussing about the new teaser of bigg boss telugu 3. You can watch the #biggbosstelugu3 teaser below:

As you can see the tweet, it’s written that “No Acting..Only Reality!!” which is an important feature of this show as this is a reality tv show as we all know.

in the video: you can see that there is the host of the season 3, Akkineni Nagarjuna included in the video. and then we get to see some teasers of the show.

Contestants are already selected for this show. And the show is now just about to start!

Stay tuned with for updates around bigg boss telugu season 3!


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