Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online Voting Poll [Check Result & Vote]

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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote
Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3

Show  Bigg Boss Telugu (Season 3)
Timing 9:00 PM – 10.30 PM
Host Akkineni Nagarjuna
Contestants Given Here
Streaming Partners Star maa & Hotstar
Genre Reality TV Show
Language Telugu
Voting Method Hotstar
Winner Rahul Sipligunj

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Bigg Boss 3 Telugu – FAQ

 Click Here: Who is Your Favorite Contestant of #BiggBossTelugu3

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is now about to premiere on television and the audience just can’t wait to catch this how live just like the previous season (season 2). As the show goes on, each week one contestant of the bigg boss house has to leave the house as per the decisions made by voting polls. Elimination and voting polls are crucial and deciding factors of the show. If a contestant is not performing well or not entertaining the audience might get kicked out of the bigg boss house if he/she gets lesser votes as compared to others.

Bigg Boss Voting Methods

So with the new season, we bring you the live bigg boss Telugu voting polls where you can not only add your vote but also see the live results of the voting polls. Please note that this voting poll is not official and is only conducted for prediction purposes for the bigg boss audience. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is now about to premiere on television and the audience just can’t wait to catch this how live just like the previous season (season 2). As the show goes on, each week one contestant of the bigg boss house has to leave the house as per the decisions made by voting polls. Elimination and voting polls are crucial and deciding factors of the show. If a contestant is not performing well or not entertaining the audience might get kicked out of the bigg boss house if he/she gets lesser votes as compared to others.

If you are here for Bigg Boss Telugu Voting 2019, then you are at the right place. Here you will find star maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Voting Online.

Below is the live Online Voting Poll for Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 2019. To add your vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Voting, simply do the following steps.

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Vote (2019)

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 - WEEK 14 Nominations
Bigg Boss Telugu 3 – WEEK 14 Nominations

Voting Closes at Midnight

Congrats, Rahul Sipligunj

Rahul Sipligunj
Rahul Sipligunj – Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Winner

Now here you will learn how you can add your vote and vote for your favorite contestant in the bigg boss telugu season 3 house. To add your vote simply click on the name or photo of the contestant and then your vote will be added and then you will be able to see the results and also who other people have voted for.

 NEWS: Students Protest Against Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 

Please note that this is an unofficial poll. The official method is also mentioned below. You can add your vote in bigg boss telugu online voting poll by giving missed calls and on google.

Please watch this video to learn how to exactly add your vote in the unofficial bigg boss telugu voting poll. Also let me remind you that the poll you’re seeing above is a poll conducted just for the purpose of prediction of evictions, winners etc.

The audience can come and vote for their favorite ever contestant and also see which contestant is popular among the entire bigg boss telugu audience. This way you will have a better idea on people’s opinion about the contestantss!

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online

Bigg Boss has now partnered up with Google to run live voting polls. Yes, Bigg Boss is now conducting voting polls directly on Google itself. During the voting period, if you search on Google as, “bigg boss telugu vote”, “bigg boss telugu voting”, “bigg boss telugu online voting poll”, “vote bigg boss telugu” etc. then you will be shown the list of contestants who are nominated for the current week’s elimination. This method of voting is much easier for people to use as well as for Bigg Boss.bigg boss telugu online voting

To vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting Poll (google method):

  1. Search on Google, “bigg boss telugu voting“.
  2. then choose your favorite contestant
  3. and click on “vote”.
Official Method

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Missed Call Voting

You can also add your vote to save your favorite contestant in the bigg boss house by giving a missed call on a number that is assigned for your contestant.

Here you will get all the information and registered missed call numbers for all the contestants in the bigg boss telugu house of season 3.

Bigg Boss Hotstar Voting

Here You Will Learn How You Can Add Vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Votings using Hotstar.

Download Hotstar: Android | iOS

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Hostar

Bigg Boss Contestants Registered Missed Call Number

#ContestantRegistered Missed Call Number
1Shiva Jyothi(not declared this season)
2Ravi Krishna(not declared this season)
3Ashu Reddy(not declared this season)
4Jaffar(not declared this season)
5Himaja(not declared this season)
6Rohini Noni(not declared this season)
7Rahul Sipligunj(not declared this season)
8Baba Bhaskar(not declared this season)
9Punarnavi(not declared this season)
10Hema(not declared this season)
11Ali Reza(not declared this season)
12Mahesh Vitta(not declared this season)
13Sreemukhi(not declared this season)
14Varun Sandesh(not declared this season)
15Vithika Sheru(not declared this season)

To vote for your favorite contestant through bigg boss missed call voting process, simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Simply Note down your favorite contestant’s registered Missed call number from the list given above.
  2. Now, open your dialer and just give a missed call to the registered number of your favorite contestant.
  3. That’s it! Your vote has been registered!
Official Method

That’s all the information regarding bigg boss telugu vote now! If you want to know something else about bigg boss voting then consider looking at the following FAQs:

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants List 2019

bigg boss telugu 3 contestants

Here is the complete list of all the bigg boss telugu contestants. We have also provided informations like their profession in real life etc. You can see the list here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants 2019Their Profession
Shiva JyothiTV Actor
Ravi KrishnaTv Serial Artist
Ashu ReddySocial Media Star
HimajaSide Artist
Rohini NoniTV Serial artist
Rahul SipligunjMusic artist
Baba BhaskarChoreographer
HemaTelugu cinema
Ali RezaActor
Mahesh Vittacomic actor
SreemukhiTV host, actress
Vithika Sheru (couple)Actress
Varun Sandesh (couple)Actor

Click here to know more about each contestant

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

You can vote for your favorite contestant in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote through Online Hotstar Voting. Click Here to go to Hostar Voting. There you will find the complete procedure on How you can vote in Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting.

FAQ About Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Process

The following are some frequently asked questions about bigg boss telugu voting process and methods. We have tried to cover as many doubts and queries as possible to answer it all.

Is Bigg Boss Telugu TV Show Scripted?
No, many people do think that Bigg Boss is a scripted television show. But let me tell you that Bigg Boss is a relaity TV show and all the things that happen inside the bigg boss house are non-scripted!
Are public votes really considered in Elimination?
Bigg Boss Television is show where there is a huge participattion of the audience watching. The audience can vote for their favorite contestant for his/her win. And according to Bigg Boss, public votes are surely considered and there should be no doubt about it!
How to vote in bigg boss telugu voting poll?
We have written a complete guide above on how you can easily vote in bigg boss telugu. please consider reading the above part.
Can I vote from Countries other than India?
Yes you can also vote in bigg boss telugu from other countries. All you need is a Gmail acount and a working internet connection. After that search on Google as, “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” during the voting period and then vote for your desired contestant.
Why is there an unofficial voting poll?
Yes, we have provided our viewers an unofficial voting method where they can also add their vote in the vote poll just like the official one. But it is for the sole purpose of prediction and that’s it!
How To Watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online?
You can watch Bigg Boss Telugu officially on Hotstar app or their official website which is

About Bigg Boss Telugu TV Show

So if you know bigg boss telugu is the telugu version of the original Bigg Boss. There are various versions of Bigg Boss that come in various languages to cover as many regions as possible.

It is the third season of Bigg Boss Telugu which is declared to be starting from July 2019. The promo video of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has already been released by Star Maa Official Twitter handle. You can watch the promo video here.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Promo

If you saw the replies and comments on the tweet, then it is clear that the audience is also really excited for season 3 of Telugu Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Overview

If you all don’t know already then let me tell you some more information about bigg boss telugu season 3. Bigg Boss telugu season 3 will have around 17 contestants this time and all of them are going to be celebrities. There is no common person invited to this reality tv show.

The previous season of bigg boss telugu (season 2) was one of the longest reality tv shows in India. And this time it’s going to be even longer. Which means we get to enjoy bigg boss telugu for a longer now. Star Maa has also have already released a teaser of bigg boss telugu 3 on their official twitter handle. Click here to watch the promo.

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63 thoughts to “Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online Voting Poll [Check Result & Vote]”

    1. Sreemukhi is the winner no doubt at all.she is good performer,dancer,singer,tasker allllll.sree is the winner

  1. Hi murali garu iam also voting for rahul. But now iam getting tense an jarugutundo ani. Every one is playing false game expect rahul and ali. Manusulo okati pettukoni baitaki okati chepatam


    2. well said Niveditha, Srimukhi is cunning Fox just acting in Bigboss House.

      Only Rahul is genuine and worth to win the title

    1. Yes I want Baba to be the winner of this season as he is a real man and is a great entertainer and also a good leader.HE also is a good task performer gives his 110% .

    1. Rahul bro’s very nice playing. Bro’s contnue your safe game,your game was very mind,face,clover useing after playing bro’s ,your big boss titel winner proseed.

  2. Rahul 100% bigg boss 3 winner I love Rahul genuine parsan. Devudunnadu Ninne gilipisthadu. Jai Rahul

  3. Rahul sipligunj is the winner of bigg boss 3 …..all the best bro.
    Bro’s please vote for Rahul bro….✊✊

    1. Yes. Real winner is Rahul. But I got my own dought bigboss team already fixed to give crown to sreemukhi. Yesterday also nagarjuna is version to degrade Rahul and prasing sreemukhi.

  4. Sree Mukhi is the winner …she plays very well compare to Rahul…we are voting for everything not for songs …he used very ex laungaue how he will be the winnner don’t see him like a singer…

  5. A big drama queen srimuki … Over smart useless to win title by her… Only Rahul or Ali has to win the title

    1. every one playing drama srimuki is the winner no one support her in the bb3 house she is playing her own game

  6. Sreemukhi is the winner of the bigboss3why means is doing nice so we have geving the vote to sreemukhi iam .

  7. first lo leni following ippudu ekkada nunchi vachindi asalu inthakamundu hate chesevallu punnu ni love lo unnaru eliminate cheyandi ane vallu ippudu winner anta joke asalu payment bach

  8. Vote for Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun Varun

  9. Prathi Daniki Ali bayataki veli vachadu baga plan chesukoni vachadu ani cheptunaru. Asalu Tana velipotunapudu evari Midha emi complaint cheyaledu andarini encourage chesi velladu. Tana elimination kosam kuda negative tesukokunda all is OK annattu gani tesukunnadu.even Rahul ki last lo cheppadu veltuuu manaki koncham slang valla debba tintunam so all the best annaru correct ga memu dagara ayye time eliminate ayyadu Ali ani Rahul annadu so Ali first velipoyinapudu evaru antha happy feel avaledu purnavi garu vethikani tesyandi valu picha selfish fellows. Sreemukhi garu indirect ga Ali nomination lekapovadam naku nachaledu ani andariki thought vachela chesaru re-entry ayyaka valani namakudadu boledu plans untayi malli andariki thought vachela chesindhi so ala family valu vachi 7 place icharu apudu Ali hurt ayyadu but safe ayyaka tanaki unna little hope tho ticket to finale aadaru kani akkada koncham ekkuva react avadam valla disqualify aa task lo baba bhaskar garu vithika laga intelligent game aadaru ayina direct ga puvvuni pettakunda rechagotti baga rechagottaru kavalane chetha game aadaru ayina tanani rechagottinattu ga behave chesaru so ali inka tosinattu ga jarigindhi aa task ayyaka sreemukhi baba bhaskar tho memu cheyalenidhi meru chesaru annadhi baba tho so akkada ardamayindhi baba kuda cunning game aadaru ani so akkada varuku baba gari midha koncham undedi motham poyindhi.ali chesina mistakes sorry cheppadu. Andaru Rahul antunaru swayam ga Rahul oppukunnaru Ali and Siva Jyoti super ga addaru valu vastaru emo winner ani adi evariki taggattu valu vesukuntaru kani ekkada game batti chudali. So my support is to totally Ali and Siva Jyoti but winner kakapovachu. May be Rahul r baba r sreemukhi r varun.but genuine ga chepte votes sariga raka pedda ga elimination lo leka Siva jyothi winner kaledu but last varuku Anni matters genuine feelings and decision echindhi aa ammayi no partiality that’s enough jyothi akka u r winner andariki nuvvante abhimaname. Emotions control chesukolekapovadam valla disqualify memu oppukomu meru manushuluki baga value estaru adi chala imp. Rahul win ayina gani ayine oppukunaru nakkana Siva Jyoti and Ali baga aadaru ani so Ayina aathma sakshi ki telisindhi ala andaru alochiste evaru correct aadaro telustadi.anyways all the best for 5 my heart Siva Jyoti, Ali and Rahul is best. Sreemukhi and baba is good that’s it. All the best bye….. And last and final ga Ali bayata interviews lo kuda malli rentry velte naku comments vastayi tappa compliments ravadam kastam endukante aggressive antunaru adi taggiste vidu natistunadu antaru ade Alane unte vidu bayataki velina pogaru taggaledu antaru reentry antunaru 14 days em plans chesestaru na mokam Anna valu next season eliminate ayi malli re entry ivvandi telustundhi mata ane mundu alochinchandi.anduke nagarjuna garu kuda koncham jagaratta ga veyandi annaru votes dani batti meaning emi vala midha abhimanam tho game chusi judge cheyandi gani vala personal Param kadhu ani.ok all the best…..

  10. I vote for Baba Bhaskar, because he is only the realistic person in big boss 3, Big Boss means Baba Bhaskar (BB), he is a genuine person.

    1. Baba bhaskar having good attitude, in the final day he participate very active instead of remaining 4 contestants.

  11. Varun Anna am a huge fan of u I hope u should win the bigboss tittle Rahul Anna nuv kudha mastu adhutunav Anna nuv galichina Varun Anna galichina am the most Happiest person ❤️❤️❤️ memal Ni meet iea chance untai mastu untundhay bro’s

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